Why Nettles?

Nettle with cuckoo spit

Everybody’s least favourite weed? Well yes – it stings, it gets everywhere and sprouts up all over. Even the flowers sting! Yes, but…

New Insect Havens

Strangalia quadrifasciata at Calon y Fferi

Some of the children at Ferryside school have been recruited to assist with a part of the Environmental Group’s job of encouraging and monitoring biodiversity at the site. The pupils will be checking insect havens to see who in the insect world has made them their home.

Calon y Fferi Environmental Group: What’s it all about?​

Grasses at Calon y Fferi

Visitors to Calon y Fferi recently will have seen boards going up all over the place proclaiming ‘Wildlife refuge’ and noticed areas that seem unkempt and in need of good strimming! Well, it’s all for a very good reason.