Calon y Fferi Environmental Group

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Solitary bee at Calon y Fferi
Female common blue butterfly at Calon y Fferi

Calon y Fferi Environmental Group

The Environmental Group has surveyed the Calon y Fferi site and classified areas with value in terms of harbouring wildlife. We are putting together management plans for each, including if and when to mow grassy areas, what species of plants to include and types of access for the public.

Sixteen species of butterfly have already been spotted here. Click here to see details about these species’ preferred habitats and larval food plants.

Site plan showing wildlife areas
A, B, C: mown areas; 1, bank at road margin; 2, hedge bank at road margin; 3, human-made habitat in south-west recess in wooden huts; 4, small grassland in south-east recess in wooden huts; 5, linear grassland between hedge and buildings to south-west; 6, linear grassland between fence and buildings to north; 7, mostly natural woodland wetland regeneration to eastern margin around Ffynnon Ddraig
Oedomera nobilis at Calon y Fferi

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Strangalia quadrifasciata at Calon y Fferi

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