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AEON (GB) Ltd offer Passive Fire Protection, a complete service from initial compartmentation survey, specifying solutions, design, installation and certification. We have a fully qualified Fire Engineer who holds a first class honours degree in Fire Safety Engineering and who can carry out fire risk assessments and can design and write fire strategies.

When a building is constructed, it has dedicated fire compartments to ensure that a fire does not spread to other parts of the building for a specified time and so that people can evacuate safely.

Building regulations state that organisations carrying out out any fire protection work to a building should be third-party accredited to do so. AEON (GB) Ltd are UKAS third-party accredited to install and maintain fire doors, fire stopping to service penetrations and linear gaps, and to install cavity fire barriers.

All AEON personnel are trained and qualified in the various disciplines required, i.e. fire door installation, maintenance and inspection, fire stopping to service penetrations, fire compartmentation surveying and fire risk assessments.

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