Poetry Writing Workshop

March 10, 2023


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⏰ Friday 10 March 2023
⏰  11.00am – 1.00pm
? Calon y Fferi Community Lounge


Everyone has creativity within them and their creativity can be expressed in many ways. The best way to release some creativity is just to sit down and have a bit of fun. ✍️
When it comes to creative writing, grammar and spelling can stay out in the cold. Dominic Williams is a poet, a performer, a creative writing mentor as well as a director of write4word. ?
write4word is social enterprise and a tenant of Calon y Fferi. He has been commissioned to lecture in creative writing for postgraduate students at universities as well as delivering writing for wellbeing workshops for local community groups. ?
This is because write4word believes in helping people develop their writing and also using writing, to develop people. ?
Dominic will lead this session with a plan, but everything and anything you write will be right and not wrong.
This is a FREE workshop as part of CCC/FSEG’S Warm Space/Community Lounge Fund